What to Expect

Here at Cowbridge Chiropractic Clinic we want everyone to feel comfortable and safe. To help us achieve this, we've explained exactly what to expect during the initial consultation and treatments.


Step 1- History taking

At your first appointment you will be greeted by your chiropractor and taken into the treatment room. They will proceed to go through an intake form with you, that you may have completed via email. This is a crucial step and it is important that you tell us everything that may be relevant to your current problem as this form is a key element in the process of getting to the bottom of the issue and going on to formulate the correct treatment plan to deal with it.

Step 2- Examination

You will then be thoroughly examined by your chiropractor and a number of tests carried out so that they can decide how to proceed.

Step 3- Report of Findings

If no more time is required for the examination the chiropractor will move on to the report of findings. This is where they will explain the cause of the problem and treatment needed.

If further investigations are deemed necessary, such as an MRI, you will be told at this stage and referred elsewhere pending the results.

You are consulted at every stage and kept fully informed.

We will provide you with your own treatment plan that is specific to you and the symptoms that your are experiencing. Our goal is to regain and increase the functionality and mobility of your body so that you can live a healthy, active life.

Regular maintenance is also crucial to preventing further problems, and many of our patients remain pain free because of this.


Immediately following the Report of Findings you will have the choice to consent and proceed with treatment.

Treatments usually take 20-30 minutes and will be patient specific depending on the plan of management. Often, this will involve an adjustment to your spine or some other affected area, but this isn't always the case. You can find our more about the techniques we use here.


Chiropractic treatment is not painful, and we want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your visit.

We keep a keen eye on your progress and sometimes tweak your Treatment Plan to ensure optimal results. You are kept fully informed of any changes.

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